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[FAQ] Why is there a difference between the GSC clicks and the sessions shown in SEOmonitor?
[FAQ] Why is there a difference between the GSC clicks and the sessions shown in SEOmonitor?

Traffic data in SEOmonitor reflects the sessions from Analytics, rather than the clicks from Search Console

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SEOmonitor takes the keyword-wise sessions data from your GA4 account and uses the keyword data from GSC to distribute this to the keywords (refer to our (not provided) solution).

Your website's Google Search Console (GSC) property keeps track of clicks - meaning it counts any kind of click. At the same time, Google Analytics (GA) only takes sessions into consideration - defined as 1 visit in 30 minutes.ย 

Since the traffic data you see in SEOmonitor refers to the sessions from the GA profile, differences are expected, as GSC would be reporting more clicks than sessions, so multiple clicks per single session.


While cross-checking the traffic, ensure that you are checking against the Analytics account that is connected to SEOmonitor. If you have not changed this to GA4, we recommend that you do.

Also, please note that the sessions that you see in the Traffic module is already segmented as brand and non-brand traffic. So, if most of the traffic on a certain landing page comes from branded keywords, you will see a lesser number of sessions for that page in the non-brand section compared to the total GA4 value.

In order to compare (or cross-check) the information in SEOmonitor's Organic Traffic module with the "raw" data, you'd need to look at the same things and you can do so by going in:

  1. the corresponding GA profile (property),

  2. the view connected to SEOmonitor,

  3. Acquisition >> Campaigns,

  4. Medium >> Organic Traffic,

  5. Source >> Google only.


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