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Our (not-provided) solution
Our (not-provided) solution

The way we process and distribute organic traffic data back into keywords

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Since 2013, Google has been encrypting organic searches. That's why most of the keywords in your Analytics account are labeled as (not provided). But, to plan your SEO strategy, you need to understand what keywords generate your website's sessions and conversions.

We developed the (not provided) solution to unlock the keywords hidden in Google Analytics. We process the organic traffic data and re-distribute it back into the keywords from Search Console that generated it.

How does it work?

The process has two stages:

  1. Extraction

We pull organic traffic data from Google Analytics through the API.

  • Sessions

  • Conversions or Transactions

  • Revenue

  • Bounces

We pull keyword data from Google Search Console through the API.

  • Clicks

  • CTRs

  • Impressions

  • Avg. positions

2. Distribution

We match the organic traffic and keyword data using the landing pages as common denominators to distribute the traffic data back into keywords.

We repeat this process every day by 8 AM on each campaign's time zone.

Note: The traffic data that couldn’t be distributed back into keywords because of missing keyword data on the corresponding landing pages in Google Search Console is labeled as “Unallocated.” Think of it as a fraction of the (non provided) that couldn't be distributed to keywords.

After this process, we split the organic traffic in brand and non-brand segments'. Then, we integrate the keywords in the Rank Tracker and enrich them with the tracking status. We split keywords between tracked and untracked so that you can use the Organic Traffic module to find new keywords to track.

Look at the first column of the list. A checkmark on the left of the keyword means it is tracked.

Use case

Let's say you see that your site's sessions are growing, and you want to understand which keywords are bringing the traffic.

You can see how much traffic each landing page gets in Analytics and which keywords get clicks in Google Search Console, but you cannot link the traffic to the keywords. Go to the Organic Traffic module to see sessions at a keyword level.

Take a look at the list of keywords with the corresponding traffic and keyword data.

Note: Remember you can compare any traffic metric using the traffic dropdown in the chart.

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