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Organic traffic data on keywords in the Rank Tracker
Organic traffic data on keywords in the Rank Tracker

Understand how much traffic your tracked keywords generated in a specific timeframe

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

In SEOmonitor’s Rank Tracker, you can see traffic data (clicks OR sessions, conversions, and revenue) on the tracked keywords, all the while they were tracked. The Analysis tab facilitates this by providing traffic data and the search data of the keywords in one place, so you can ascertain the worth of the keywords both in terms of the search demand and the value they bring to the business.

How does this work?

The traffic data in the Rank Tracker is provided through the Organic Traffic module (or the Traffic tab) which processes it through the integration of Google Search Console and Analytics. When both tools are connected, the traffic data from the landing pages in Analytics is distributed into the keywords from Search Console.

  • The tracked keywords that have traffic distributed to them get enriched with Sessions, Conversions (or Transactions), and Revenue data in the Rank Tracker, in the Analysis view.

  • If only Google Search Console is connected to a campaign (with no Analytics), the tracked keywords are only enriched with Clicks data (instead of Sessions).

When there is no Search Console and no Analytics connected to a campaign, the Analysis view is disabled.

For all the connected draft campaigns, the Traffic tab gives you a snapshot of the traffic data for the past 30 days.

Connecting your campaign

Here's how you can connect traffic, specifically GSC and/or GA4 to your campaign.

From the dropdown with your username on the top right, select Campaign Settings. Click on the campaign you want to connect traffic to.

On the sidebar, go to the Connected Accounts tab to view and edit the existing GSC and Analytics connections, or add new ones.

Note: Usually, the GSC profiles set up for the URL of your website can only be disconnected from our technical team. So, if you want to disconnect this GSC and you see that the option to disconnect is disabled, please ask to talk to a team member on our in-app chat, or write our Customer Success team.


This data helps you understand the business results that the tracked keywords generate over time, and shows how that correlates with the Visibility trend. For instance, you may find that for a specific group of keywords, a stable Visibility score does not translate to stable returns in terms of the sessions it brings. In such cases, you can delve deeper to individually analyze the keywords to find why this might be the case.

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