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If you're looking to unlock the full potential of SEOmonitor's features, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of detailed and practical video guides for each module, to help you familiarize yourself with the platform.

SEOmonitor, as a platform, is multi-faceted and caters to diverse SEO needs of agencies, professionals and brands. These short videos can be viewed in any order, depending on your goals and priorities. For instance, if you're interested in our Forecast product, you can jump straight to the Forecast module and start with the Overview video (the same for other modules).

Simply choose your desired topic or playlist and dive in:

The Rank Tracker

Learn about SEOmonitor's advanced tracking features and how to use them in creating your campaign's keyword strategy.

The Forecast

Discover SEOmonitor's forecasting features, enabling you to translate SEO results into business metrics. These videos guide you through creating scenarios, customizing the algorithm, and interpreting projected results for effective client pitching.

Organic Traffic

Learn about the Organic Traffic module and how to use it in understanding and analyzing your website's organic traffic trends.

SEO Research

Learn how SEOmonitor's Research tools help you discover relevant keywords for a topic or website to expand your keyword strategy.

The Agency Dashboard

Discover how to get an overview of your campaign portfolio with your Agency Dashboard. Learn how to view the critical performance metrics, how to use the client reporting features, or track your progress with campaign objectives.

Content Audit

Learn how SEOmonitor surfaces content opportunities to optimize your ranking pages for better chances of improving their positions.

Reporting Features

Learn about the tools you can use to export and integrate SEOmonitor campaign data into other reporting tools, such as Looker Studio or Google Sheets.

Our Webinars

We want to interact with SEO agencies and learn about what they do and need, so we conduct learning events/webinars to address all their questions and curiosities about SEOmonitor's role and capabilities in their workflow.

In each of our learning events, Cosmin Negrescu, CEO of SEOmonitor, focuses on one capability of SEOmonitor (such as creating reliable forecasts in minutes), and/or how it can play a key role in SEO workflow (creating an SEO proposal), followed by QnA powered by the attendees.

Our Masterclasses

In addition to the video modules, you can also learn with insightful masterclasses:

The Masterclass on Keyword Strategy

Understand how to turn your keyword research into a good strategy. With business strategy frameworks, you'll be equipped to make critical decisions that make or break the success of your SEO campaign. Anca and the SEOmonitor team have piled up Business Development, Product, Marketing, and Customer Success insights to help you dig deeper into what a good strategy really implies. Let's get started!

The Masterclass on Forecasting

Learn how a reliable forecasting methodology helps you set and pursue realistic SEO objectives tied to business results, and win more pitches for your agency. Kevin Gibson, CEO at Re:signal, founder of two successful agencies, and winner of numerous search awards, shares his approach to building forecasts that enable business growth, with SEOmonitor's dedicated forecasting tool.

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