Multi-location tracking

Get Google ranking and search volume data for multiple locations, within the same client campaign

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This is a feature that enables you to track keywords and get their data on different cities and/or regions/counties under the same client campaign, that’s now tracked at a country level. You then get ranking and search volume data for the specific locations.

This comes in handy when you have clients with multiple physical locations within the same country, or simply when you have locations of interest with different business potential (different search volumes) within this same market.

How does this work?

From each country-level campaign’s country drop-down menu, you can start tracking additional cities or regions:

Clicking on Add New Tracking Location opens a sidebar, and from there, you can select keyword groups to be tracked on the new location, under the “umbrella” campaign on that country. Once you select the groups to be added, an estimate of the cost for tracking them from this new location is shown at the bottom of the sidebar (with a warning if you exceed the monthly spend limits).

Once you add the location and the keywords to be tracked from there, you can find them by selecting the new location from the Rank Tracker dropdown as shown above. You will also be able to have a quick overview of each tracked location's Visibility in the Dashboard:

Using these can also solve the problem of highly-localized keywords, such as “restaurants near me”, for which the country-level search volume and ranks could be misleading. They’re now automatically grouped as issues in SEOmonitor, and flagged accordingly with a label.

Other aspects

  • You can use the multi-location tracking feature on all your tracked campaigns, and the keywords within each location are billed separately.

  • Locations can be archived, along with all their tracked keywords, from the Website Settings section. Archived locations can be reactivated later on, as needed.

  • There is no limit to how many locations you can add. You are limited to a single unique location under that specific country; for example, you cannot have 2 active locations for New York under the US campaign.

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