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Unrestricted, free API access
Unrestricted, free API access

Programmatically extract your data from SEOmonitor, without worrying about limits or extra costs.

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The feature described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

Any data from your account can be extracted programmatically, so you can then automate your processes or create custom reports integrated into other products.

How does this work?

You generate (or regenerate) your API token from Settings โ†’ Profile:

This is then authorized when making programmatic requests.

Using the API documentation as a reference, you can then create scripts in any programming language to pull data from your accounts.


There are endless ways in which you can use the data pulled through APIs, but the most popular ones would be:

  • enabling custom alerts, through specialized tools,

  • combining data from multiple sources, to correlate it and generate new insights,

  • programmatically push your SEOmonitor data in tools for automating or consolidating reporting further.


How many requests can I make? How many rows can I extract?

There are no tier-based limits to API requests. We enable enough requests to make you feel there are no limits. But to ensure fair usage, we limit total requests to 10,000 requests a day, a maximum of 10 requests per second with up to 1000 rows per request. Learn more.

Can I write data through the API?

With API 3.0, you can add a list of keywords to the specified groups of a campaign with the Add New Keywords endpoint. The keywords added will be charged according to our pricing policy.

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