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Ranking data migration from any other tool
Ranking data migration from any other tool
When switching to SEOmonitor, we migrate your ranking data from any rank tracker. Smoothly, without errors.
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How does this work?

A few steps need to be taken to ensure the seamless migration of data, from your previous Rank Tracker to SEOmonitor.

  1. First, we would have a call, to clarify the process and set the right expectations on all sides – our initial "audit" on the data to be migrated and expected duration.

  2. You would then either provide access to the tool OR directly share the CSV files with us.

  3. Through automated tools that help us avoid human errors at this stage, we then:

    1. either extract a file with only: the keywords, ranks, and group names,

    2. or adjust the files you provide, to match our import structure.

  4. An overview of the import is then generated in our dashboards.
    This is where we double-check the integrity of the ready-for-import data: all the campaigns, keywords, groups, ranks, their frequency and devices, together with the import status.

  5. Once the information is validated, we have a “start import” button and the campaigns are created automatically, with keywords added into the corresponding groups and all the historical data imported.

  6. After the import, the system does a double-check of the imported data versus the initial pre-import overview.

  7. If it all goes well, you get the confirmation, and we wait for your final approval.

Other notes

You can request data migration during the sales process (pre-sales), but also anytime afterward: while you’re onboarding within the platform and also if you later decide to migrate more clients.

To avoid any gaps in data between your old account and the new SEOmonitor tracking, we would recommend that you let us know as soon as possible, even while the other account is still active.

Keep in mind that the data migration is free of charge and so, during the migration, you are not billed for SEOmonitor’s rank tracking services on the migrated campaigns.

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