Tracking your all-time best ranks
Understanding whether your website is currently ranking at its best and, if not, when its highest position was, for any tracked keyword
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The All-time Best Rank is a keyword attribute, showing the best desktop and mobile ranks ever reached and the date they were last there since the keyword started being tracked.

How does this work?

Daily, when we update the ranks, we check if the latest rank is better than the previously-stored all-time best, and then we update the latter, if so.

We store the all-time best ranks for desktop and mobile, and both dates when these happened.

What does it look like in the platform?

Next to the rank and the rank trend, you will see:

  • a yellow star, if the latest rank is the same as the all-time best rank

  • a simple star, if they were ever in Top 10 (and the rank they were on)

  • a 2-digit number, if you were not in Top 10, but were higher than now

In the rank change explainer, you will always find the information on the all-time best rank – how high was it and when was it there – to help you further investigate.

Your recent all-time best victories will also be reported correspondingly through the Signals app and insights cards.


Is the All-time best rank reprocessed, if you've migrated historical ranks from other platforms?

Yes, we take the all-time best rank for all available data, not just since you've been tracking the keywords in SEOmonitor.

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