Top competitors by Visibility

Quickly discover the websites that have the highest Visibility, on any list of tracked keywords (group).

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SEOmonitor’s Rank Tracker lists the top websites by Visibility, either on your full keyword portfolio for a campaign or on any list of keywords (group) within it.

How does this work?

We start with tracking and storing the top 100 ranking landing pages on all of your tracked keywords and, as a result, we track all of the competitors on your keywords. We then calculate their Visibility daily, on both devices.

This happens in each of the groups, and these competing websites are sorted by Visibility, from highest to lowest:

Once you add them to be tracked, you can explore their ranking keywords and the keyword gap between the two websites, courtesy of our Keyword Research database:


  • Understand who the actual competitors are on a keyword list (group), to then analyze their strategy (content, website, links, etc.)

  • Extend your keyword research by exploring top competitors’ ranking keywords.

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