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Groups, folders, labels – 3 levels of keyword grouping
Groups, folders, labels – 3 levels of keyword grouping
With SEOmonitor, you can easily keep your keyword portfolio well-organized, so that it brings new levels of insight along the way.
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In SEOmonitor’s Rank Tracker, your keyword portfolio can be organized in a 3-tiered grouping hierarchy, with Folders at the top of it, followed by Groups (either manually or automatically populated) nested in them. Labels are a different type of organization and can be applied to any keyword, just like tags.

How does this work?

When you create a campaign, we offer a predefined selection of Folders, with nested Smart Groups, following a set of predefined rules that we identified as the most common use-cases.

If you decide to manually organize your keyword portfolio, you can do so either from the Edit mode or directly from the “+” sign in the lower right-hand corner:


Any list of keywords can be represented through a Group.

Groups can be regular (manually assigned keywords into groups) or Smart (automatically assigned, based on saved filters).

Groups can be organized under Folders, see an example of the hierarchy below:

Groups can be nested in and out of Folders as you need, through the Edit mode. Any folder and the un-nested groups can be pinned to the top of the Group sidebar, for faster navigation to your most important ones.

Custom Labels

Keywords can have manually-assigned labels, created through the same Edit mode, by selecting keywords and then assigning new or existing labels to them. You can then use these for quick filtering within groups:

In the example above, we use the folder for the product category (tables), then we have the nested group for the sub-category (coffee tables), and we used the custom labels for materials (wood, glass).


How can I organize keywords on a third level of grouping?

Through labels, within the sub-groups of a folder.

Can a keyword be tracked in multiple groups? Does this impact the cost of tracking?

Yes, you can have a keyword in multiple groups and this does not impact your costs.

Can I have a group across different folders?

No, a group can only be nested under one folder. A workaround for this would be to duplicate the group for the other folders.

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