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Percentage of searches that end up on organic results
Percentage of searches that end up on organic results
Understanding how SERP features affect the percentage of the search volume that gets to organic results.
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On all tracked keywords, when we provide their ranks, we also provide their SERP feature data โ€“ daily, on both devices. Based on each keyword's unique mix of SERP features, we also calculate the percentage corresponding to the searches that end up clicking on organic results. So you can adjust the expectations you have from the total keyword search volume, for example:

a keyword with 100K searches, where 60% of them end up clicking on organic results, would only be a 60K searches keyword, from an SEO perspective.

How does this work?

The values are based on our click-through-rate (CTR) research, taking into account the combination of SERP features on both devices. Although the SERP feature data is updated daily, this percentage is updated on a monthly basis, when the search volume data is updated.

Where is this data across the platform?

This is a keyword-level metric, shown as the sum of CTRs in the keyword table in the Rank Tracker:

The data is also processed at a group level as an average weighted by search volume and is shown in the SERP data section in the top stats:


Can I see different values between desktop and mobile?

No, the metric is currently blended between desktop and mobile.

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