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Daily AI Overview (SGE) insights

Track SGE results as you would any other SERP feature

Updated over a week ago

Starting June 3rd 2024, all SEOmonitor accounts have AI Overview (AIO / SGE) detection.

As with the rest of the SERP features, we track them daily on both devices, when we process the ranking data.

You can now see, correspondingly:

  • which keywords trigger SGE, and whether your site is linked there;

  • whether the SGE triggered is ready-generated or not;

  • SGE changes over time, in terms of content (snapshots) and presence (charts);

  • dedicated SGE visibility, for you and your competitors, like for the other SERP features and their visibility.

We've conveniently created a folder on AI Overview, with dedicated Smart Groups, so you can quickly see keywords with the AI Button (on Desktop, or on Mobile) and keywords with AI Overview (on Desktop, or on Mobile).

Integrating Google Search Console and Analytics also enables you to monitor SGE's impact on your site's organic traffic.

All data is exportable, via CSVs, our Sheets add-on or through API or Looker Studio integrations.

We detect and track all locations, but the AI Overview (SGE) is currently live sparingly in the US and even less in the UK. Once Google expands it to other locations, you'll see data accordingly in SEOmonitor.

Basic SGE tracking is included in all SEOmonitor subscriptions.

You can access competition visibility and daily snapshots for free until SGE is fully rolled out across each market, but they might be paid add-ons later.

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