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Client Health Tracker

Monitor campaign's performance and client's potential satisfaction to know what to focus on

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

The Client Health Tracker scans a few critical signals to check if your campaigns are on track. You'll receive an email alert if a campaign needs your attention.

See, at a glance, the health of your campaigns from the Agency Dashboard. Stay on top of your campaign's performance and take action on time.

See the health status for your entire portfolio in the overview sidebar and the status and monthly retainer for each client campaign at the center of the Dashboard:

Note: You can view overall health by MRR if all your campaigns have this figure set.

How does it work?

We use 4 campaign-level metrics to calculate clients' health:

  • Objective Status: To check whether you're on track with meeting the performance expectations set in advance with your client.

  • Visibility trend: To look for changes in the website's overall SEO performance trend.

  • Year-over-Year Search trend: To notice dramatic changes in market demand for the products, services, or information your client's business provides.

  • Report feedback: To monitor if the client is satisfied with the SEO services.

Each campaign's health is computed daily based on the set thresholds on these metrics. The thresholds have default values, but you can customize them in the Client Health Tracker Menu.

After the analysis, each campaign is labeled with a health status:

  • Poor: If any of the 4 metrics are below the set threshold.

  • Average: If none of the poor or healthy is triggered.

  • Healthy: If none of the metrics are below the poor thresholds, and both "Objective Status" and "30-day Visibility trend" are above the healthy thresholds.

Client Health Settings

To edit your health settings, click the Settings button on the overview sidebar and pick the "Health" tab. Keep in mind that this setting applies to all campaigns in your account.

Customize the health thresholds to define what you consider a healthy campaign. You can also enable or disable the email alerts for health changes and choose the currency for the MRR.

Note: If you activate the alert system, you'll receive an email every time the health status of a campaign changes.

Client Health Tracker

Click on the health button of any campaign at the center of the Dashboard.

Here, you can:

  • Fill in or edit your Monthly Recurring Revenue to put your revenue health into perspective.

  • Understand the status breakdown of your campaign and identify the cause of its changes. See the list of the metrics analyzed and the status of the campaign according to the set thresholds.

  • Check threshold settings and edit them in the Client Health Settings Menu.

Use case

Let's say you receive an email warning about the change of status of one of your campaigns. Your campaign has received a poor status, so you check the Client Health Tracker to understand which metric is underperforming.

In this example, the poor status is triggered because the objective status is less than the set threshold of 70%. Understand the target of your SEO efforts to help your clients progress toward their set objectives.

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