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Agency Dashboard Overview
Agency Dashboard Overview

Quickly scan the key performance data in your portfolio of campaigns

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

The Dashboard helps you assess your overall performance, identify which aspects require your attention, and prioritize your work more effectively.

It also acts as a homepage for your account. You can create new campaigns and easily navigate to any of the existing ones.

The Agency Dashboard has:

  • A top stats section with the overall data of all campaigns in your portfolio.

  • A central section with the list of active tracked campaigns.

The central section consists of a table of all the individual campaigns, along with their key metrics that you that would help you analyze their standing in your portfolio. You can filter this view of campaigns by their names, Visibility scores and trends, MRR/Health attributes, Objective status, and Reporting attributes.

The Agency Dashboard has 4 key performance metrics in the top stats section:

  • Overall Visibility and trend

  • Client health

  • Objective status and

  • Reports

Overall Visibility & trends

The top stats section shows you the Visibility overview, calculated for the entire campaign portfolio. Here, you can switch between devices and change timeframes to display different data.

Note: The "Blended Visibility" is the arithmetic average between the Desktop and the Mobile Visibility.

Right next to the campaign names in the table, see the Visibility trend for each campaign. Remember, campaigns inherit the settings that you apply on the top stats.

Clicking on the campaign name will lead to its Rank Tracker module.

We classify campaigns as healthy, average, or poor to let you know what to focus on. We process data to understand the health of your campaigns, and then we identify them with different statuses in the Dashboard. This sorting can help you monitor clients' potential satisfaction with the progress of the SEO campaign. Keep in mind that you can use the standard thresholds or customize them by clicking on the Health value to open the Client Health Tracker sidebar, followed by clicking on Check threshold settings.

Note: The changes you make in the Client Health thresholds will apply for all the campaigns in your portfolio.

Alternatively, you can also click on the Settings cog on the dashboard to view this sidebar.

See the health status for your entire portfolio aggregated by the number of campaigns in the top stats. If you have added a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) to all your campaigns, you can set the MRR toggle ON to view the Health status by MRR.

To keep progress in check, scan the objective status that compares the actual state of your campaign to the estimated performance you set as an objective in the Forecast module.

Check the status of your campaign's objectives in the top stats. We classify campaigns into 4 categories: On track, Behind, At risk, and campaigns without objectives.

See the objective status, the actual performance, and the forecasted one for each campaign in the central section. If you didn't set an objective, go to the Forecast module by pressing the + button.

The client reporting process lets you upload reports, track your reporting process, and collect engagement data and client feedback.

In the top stats section, check the number of submitted reports and the number of days left for the scheduled submission date for the current month. Clicking on the block or See all opens a sidebar with details about all the reports, along with client feedback, number of views, and open rate for the entire portfolio.

In the central section, under the monthly reports column named after the current month (e.g., "Jan Report"), you can check the status of each campaign's reports marked as: Submitted, Pending, In progress, Overdue, or Inactive. Clicking on it will open the Reports sidebar with the Reports menu. From there, you can upload or create a report, view feedback, check the number of views and open rates, and generate a link to send to clients or peers. You can also disable the report tracking for a specific campaign.

At a campaign level, you have the name of the account manager in charge of each of them. Change or assign one without leaving the Dashboard.

The Draft Campaigns view

The Dashboard has two views: one for tracked campaigns and one for draft campaigns. In this article, we focused mainly on tracked campaigns. Keep in mind that the Draft Campaigns view doesn't include all the sections since these campaigns are just one-day snapshots and are not actively tracked.

Click on the logo on the top left corner to go back to the Dashboard from any other place in the platform.

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