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[FAQ] What should I do if my domain name changes?
[FAQ] What should I do if my domain name changes?

How to track a domain migration and its effects using SEOmonitor

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Your domain name has just changed to a different one (for example, the rebranding of a company). Is there anything you should adjust in SEOmonitor? How is the traffic displayed and how are the rankings and visibility affected?

For Tracked Campaigns where the domain name has changed, the first thing to do is get in touch with our Customer Success Team, so we can modify the main domain name in the system (the one that you have in the Settings menu >> Campaign Settings).
After this update, the date when the domain name was amended remains embedded there. 

Note: We cannot change the domain name for Draft Campaigns. In this case, you'd need to create another campaign with the new domain.

The migration leads to a couple of changes, depending on whether the Google Analytics profile stays the same or not.

1. Same Analytics profile

In case the GA4 remains the same, you simply need to associate the corresponding Google Search Console profile and make sure you set the old domain as an Alias, to get ranks for both of them. It would also be useful to have both GSC profiles connected, for the new, but for the old version of the domain too (in case Google still indexes those pages).

For example, we'd take a brand that migrated from their old domain to While the Analytics profile stayed the same, in order to connect the GSC profile, they would need to create a profile for the new URL (with the new domain name) and then add the old domain name as "Other owned media" (an alias).

2. Different Analytics profile

In case the GA4 profile changes, you would need to connect the new one without reprocessing the data.

Another option would be archiving the current campaign/site and adding it all over again, with the new GA & GSC profiles, but this would mean a lot of time and effort and unavailability of historical data for the re-created campaign.

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