Campaign segments

Personalize the Dashboard view to easily manage your campaigns

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

The filters in the Agency Dashboard help your team get an overview of their campaigns and prioritize their work more efficiently.

Each campaign has an Account Manager, which is the assigned user in charge of it. Admin users can assign or change the Account Manager directly from the Dashboard's Reports section or from Campaign Settings.

See only your campaigns

Edit the view of the Dashboard to see only your campaigns. Click on the "All Campaigns" menu and select "My Campaigns."

See the sub-segment of campaigns you're responsible for.

Use filters

After clicking on the filter button on the Agency Dashboard, choose between:

  • Campaign attributes

  • MRR/ Health attributes

  • Objective attributes

  • Reporting attributes

Personalize your view by picking one or more filters.

Use case

  • Let's say you only want to see the campaigns with poor health status that are assigned to a specific Account Manager. Click on the filter button > "Client Health Status" > "Poor." Then, click on "Select another filter" > "Account Manager" > Pick one or more Account Managers. Then, click on "Apply filters".

You can later check the Client Health Tracker to understand which metric is underperforming and take action.

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