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Cancellation of the subscription vs. deletion of profile
Cancellation of the subscription vs. deletion of profile

How can I cancel my subscription? How can I delete my profile? What is the difference?

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Cancel subscription 

This would stop the invoicing process, but not instantly delete your profile, so you could still access it at a later time and/or reactivate the subscription, if needed.

The cancellation can be done from the Billing section. Under Manage Subscriptions, click on the listed subscription. Under Subscription details, click on Cancel Subscription.

Delete profile

By deleting your profile, access to the campaigns and their data will no longer be associated with it. To delete your profile, click on the dropdown on the top right and select 'Edit Profile'. On the Profile screen, click on 'Delete my Profile'.

It prompts you with a warning that this action leads to loss of access to the data associated with your SEOmonitor profile. You would be unable to access it at a later time, nor reactivate it.

Note: If a paid user (whose email ID is registered for the account) deletes their profile, all the other users or profiles added by the paid user will also lose access to SEOmonitor.

As always, our Customer Service team is here to help with any questions that might come up. Just give us a buzz through the in-app chat or via email.

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