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[FAQ] How am I billed for the tracked resources starting October 2022?
[FAQ] How am I billed for the tracked resources starting October 2022?
We simplified pricing so that you can choose the features you need, pay for only what you use, and control how much you spend.
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Starting October 2022, we have introduced a new pricing system that is more customized to your needs and more cost-effective. All the users who signed up before October 2022 can choose to continue with old pricing or migrate to the new pricing plan.

New pricing: What changed?

The minimum

The older pricing model had a minimum of 4000 keywords and 1 campaign (all features) for EUR 198. The new pricing has a minimum of 5000 keywords (Rank Tracker) but will only cost you EUR 149.5. You can now choose to use Organic Traffic and Forecast modules only for the campaigns that you need to, at EUR 9.99 per campaign. This is charged when you connect your Google Search Console (GSC) account to the campaigns.

For instance, if you have 5000 keywords and 6 campaigns (at EUR 149.5) and you need the Organic Traffic and Forecast features for only 2 campaigns (at EUR 9.99 each), you can connect them to the GSC account. This brings your total to EUR 169.48.

Keyword pricing

Previously, the starting price for every 1000 keywords beyond the minimum was EUR 47, discounted as more keywords were added (down to EUR 27 per 1000 keywords). We have now fixed this at a cost-effective EUR 29.9 per 1000 keywords. As per the new pricing, you will be charged in increments of 1000 keywords.

Since the new pricing is fixed and doesn't fluctuate with the number of keywords, you don't have to use the pricing calculator anymore. You won't find it on the website, but you can always view the breakdown of your current bill in the Billing section.

Google Search Console

With our new pricing policy, connecting your GSC account is optional. However, the Analysis view in Rank Tracker, the Organic Traffic and Forecast features can only work with data from GSC. We have a deep integration between modules that gives you key insights about your campaigns. To get the best use of our platform, we recommend connecting your GSC to your campaigns. This helps you do more than just track keywords, such as analyze non-brand organic traffic, forecast the outcome of your SEO goals, set and track objectives, analyze your competition, etc.

What you get

With a minimum subscription at EUR 149.5 you can track 5000 keywords from our Rank Tracker. Every next 1000 keywords is priced at EUR 29.9. At an added EUR 9.99 per campaign, you can connect your GSC and access Organic Traffic, Forecast, and all their integrated features.

At no extra cost, with every subscription, you also get to:

  • add pitching campaigns

  • get unlimited access to monthly-tracked keywords through our curated keyword database

  • get unrestricted API access

  • add as many users as you need free of cost

  • use the Agency Dashboard to track the performance and health of your campaigns.

What's the same?

We have retained the dynamic pricing system with no rigid plans. You pay in advance for the billing cycle (one month) on the first day, use as many resources (keywords and campaigns with GSC connected) as you need, and pay for anything extra you use in your next bill. We automatically adjust the usage of the upcoming cycle based on your current usage of resources, so you continue to pay for only what you use.

The annual payment option is also still available. If you pay for ten months of your current usage in advance, you get two months free, which works out as a 17% discount from the total cost. As soon as you pay, you'll receive credits in your account, and the monthly bill is deducted from those credits. You can always see how many credits you have left and whether the amount covers the upcoming cycle based on your current usage. If your credits don't cover two billing cycles (months), we send you a NET30 (for wire transfer) or a NET7 (for card payments) invoice depending on your payment method. If you don't use up the credits in a year, you can still continue to use them for subsequent bills.

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