How to correctly define your brand settings

How to define and fine-tune brand settings for an accurate brand/non-brand segmentation. How to mark individual keywords as brand.

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When you register a new campaign in SEOmonitor, we ask you to input your website's brand name. This step is important because, based on your definition, the app will automatically perform the brand/non-brand segmentation of your organic traffic.

In the "Brand name" field, you should write the words defining your brand, along with some of their common variations and the "main" misspellings, all separated by commas. For example, in a campaign for, we set words like "desigual", "des igual", "dezigual", etc. You can type in up to 20 brand variations.

All of the keywords containing those terms will consequently be labeled as brand keywords, and any organic traffic these keywords bring will be considered brand traffic.

However, suppose you notice other brand keywords are not marked accordingly (for example, due to more misspellings). In that case, if you'd like to add new keywords to brand or mark some of your keywords under non-brand as brand, you can select and individually label them as brand keywords in the Organic Traffic Configuration menu.

Simply click on the Settings icon and then Edit under Marked as Brand. Under the Non-brand tab, you can select the keywords to mark them as Brand.

In this menu, you can also adjust your main brand rule after creating the campaign.

Once you change the brand rule in the Organic Traffic Configuration menu, the split between brand/non-brand keywords will be updated retrospectively as well (not just from that point onward).

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