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Tracking subdomains & other owned media
Tracking subdomains & other owned media

Set up the rank tracker so that it takes all subdomains or another domain into account, when updating ranking data for your campaign

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Some of the features described in this article might be available only for Tracked Campaigns. Learn more.

With SEOmonitor, you can instruct the rank tracker to scan all of the subdomains and even a secondary domain, when updating the rankings of a website.

How does this work?

By default, SEOmonitor tracks all subdomain ranks, when you create a new campaign. This means that it takes any of them into consideration and only shows the highest position, for the one that ranks best.

If you don’t want subdomain rankings such as the ones for or, you can de-select that through the Campaign Settings, after the initial setup.

In case you have other owned media, you can also track it within the same campaign, depending on your area of interest; for example, and (their conference) are "other owned media" for each other.

You have these settings available for each campaign, in Settings:


Depending on how narrow or broad the SEO campaign you run, you can limit the tracking to one domain or subdomain, or also include micro-websites, mobile sites, blogs, stores, social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), or apps associated with the brand.

Other notes

  • These settings do not impact the traffic we're processing from the connected GA profiles.

  • For now, only 1 other tracked media can be added to the system.

  • You can use the Competition view in the Rank Tracker to separately analyze how the subdomains or other owned media are performing on the campaign’s tracked keywords.

  • If you're tracking the subdomain as "main" and choose to "track subdomains", it will not provide ranks for the main domain (or its subdomains). Tracking only the subdomain provides ranks for that and only for it.

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