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Comparison of two timeframes
Comparison of two timeframes

To better understand the trends in your organic traffic, compare two timeframes

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Look at the timeframe dropdowns in the submenu of the Organic Traffic module. Then, choose the timeframes you want to analyze.

Note that the first timeframe dropdown will show a month's period by default. You can change it to the desired period, as needed.

Select the second dropdown to compare the main timeframe and the trend to an equal timeframe:

  • Previous Year

  • Previous Timeframe

  • Custom Timeframe

Let's say you stick with the month's period in the main timeframe. Then, if you click "Previous year," you'll see a comparison between this month and the same month last year, and if you click "Previous Timeframe," you'll see a comparison between this month and the month before.

Check the different colors that represent each timeframe in the chart. Also, see comparative data in the traffic widget on the top left side of the screen and below the chart, sorted by keyword and landing page.

After selecting the two timeframes, you can change the traffic metric using the dropdown at the top left side of the chart. You can also switch tabs to see the comparing timeframes for different organic traffic segments: "All," "Brand," "Non-Brand," or "Custom."

Use case

Let's say you want to compare your organic non-branded sessions from Q1 2022 to the ones in Q1 2021. You want to better understand how you performed traffic-wise over a one-year period, so you compare two trends of equal timeframes one year apart.

  1. Select the period "1st of January - 31st of March" in the first dropdown.

  2. Select "Previous Year" in the second dropdown.

  3. Visualize, in the chart, how sessions for the first Q of 2022 compare to the ones from the previous year.

Note: Remember you can compare any traffic metric using the traffic dropdown in the chart.

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