System Status Page

Quickly find out if there’s a known issue with the SEOmonitor platform

Updated over a week ago allows our users to check whether there’s anything wrong with the systems of the platform. There can be scheduled maintenance or unexpected issues that are creating partial or platform-wide downtimes, reliability problems, or data-accuracy issues.

How does this work?

You can always see the current status of the systems in the platform’s footer, or check directly. You can also subscribe to the Status Page, in order to automatically receive updates, when maintenance (with or without downtime) is scheduled, when new incidents are open, or when their status is changed.

Use cases

  • When you find a bug or encounters an error, you can easily check if there’s a known problem. If there is, you can then check what’s the status of it. If there isn’t a public incident, you can proceed to report it as usual.

  • And you can easily check if you should expect the platform to work within SLAs or if there's a known issue that fully or partially affects the uptime/speed/data.

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