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A thorough understanding of your website’s non-brand organic traffic is an important step in elaborating the SEO strategy.

But as of 2013, Google encrypts organic searches. Consequently, in your Analytics account, most of your traffic is labeled as not-provided.

Through a proprietary algorithm, SEOmonitor is able to reveal the not-provided traffic information and re-distribute the organic visits (and corresponding conversions or transactions) back to the keywords that generated them.

The algorithm is based on pulling the traffic data from your Analytics via API and matching it with the keyword data from your Google Search Console (GSC), using the landing pages as the connector. 

The keywords from GSC are mapped on the landing pages from Analytics, proportional to the clicks they generate. The traffic from Analytics is then redistributed back on the keywords and displayed in the Organic Traffic module

This process is repeated every day.

Generally, at most 30% of the traffic will remain unallocated, due to landing pages with traffic too thin to be shown in the GSC. See further some tips on how to reduce the unallocated traffic data to a minimum.

Not only does this algorithm distribute the not-provided traffic data on keywords but, above all, it facilitates the brand/non-brand traffic segmentation, which is crucial for measuring SEO, allowing you to focus on the non-brand traffic, which is the real result of your SEO efforts.

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